An exquisite piece of animation celebrating the colour Blue. London-based animation studio Moth were commissioned by CNN and Dr James Fox to produce a short for their Colour Scope series.

Boomerang Rebrand

It’s 2017 and this blog has awoken after being crogenically frozen for two years! Did we miss much? 2016 the same old, same old?

Anyway, we are diving back into the world of animation and plan to keep this blog regularly refreshed with cartoon-goodness. First on the decks for the new year is this delicous eye-candy for Boomerang. The arty-grafters at Art & Graft have concocted a delirious global rebrand for Turner’s animation channel Boomerang.

Now that’s some animation from last year caught up on…people are telling us to steer clear of news updates….wonder why….

The Walk

Stop what you are doing, sit back and breath in this lovely slice of animation. Inspired by walks through the lake district, it is full of air, light and peace. The Walk, by Art & Graft

Feeling Nuts

This advert is the nuts. It puts its balls on the line and tells it like it is. At Cartoon Food we think it’s the dogs proverbials…[ok, enough. Ed]

In this spot, Studio AKA use the power of humour to send an important message: young men need to regularly check their testicles, balls, gonads [stop sniggering in the back] to beat testicular cancer.

Satoshi Kon – Every Frame A Painting

A bit of an animation/editing masterclass for you! Every Frame A Painting is a brilliant series of video essays by the editor Tony Zhou. They are all worth checking out, but as we have a declared animation perspective – we wanted to show his illuminating film on the late animator and film maker Satoshi Kon.