To celebrate Halloween we’re showcasing some of the spookiest animated shorts on the web. Our first offering is this spine tingling short from director Rodrigo Blaas. It has no dialogue but uses the creepy toy shop setting, unsettling cheerful music and beautifully stylised animation to great effect. A must-watch for all animation fans.

happy halloween

Robot Ruck!

It’s Robot Week and that’s all the excuse we need to take another look at this stunning animation by 2veinte. Big battling robots? We’re all in.

2veinte is an animation studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following the recent trend of big robots, brought back by Pacific Rim, they made this short animation, mixing 3D, 2D, illustration and photography. Both brilliant in terms of design, while clever and a little witty in it’s storytelling.

Some images of both the concept art and even a piece of the storyboard can be found below.

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