Oru Burus

Once upon a time, there was a little king who lost control of the sun…

This is an absolutely outstanding Supinfocom graduation movie co-directed by Anton Brand, Guillaume Klein, Charlotte Quillet and Raphaël Théolade. We thought this would serve up as a great piece to on a Tryout Tuesday

Food Fight! Try-Out Tuesdays

Give it up for Joseph Young, Today’s Try-Out hero. In less than a week, crammed between college studies and Doctor Who, he’s produced a fun short animation for food themed try out. Joseph introduces his short, as the story of what happens when “The Banana made the mistake of calling the Tomato a vegetable and now faces the consequences”…as Harry Hill would say, FOOD FIGHT!!!

Check out Joseph’s blog on his animation studies at Ravensbourne:


Counting down…

Tonight is the deadline for all the Try Out Tuesday entries. If you want so last minute inspiration check out Jeff Liu’s lovely animations all done with nothing more than a track pad!


Seth Boyden has produced this hand-drawn animated short as part of a Calarts 48 hour film competition, which just goes to show anyone taking part in our Try Out Tuesdays that it really can be done…come on, he had 2 days and try out tuesdays gives you almost a week!