Amazonia Security Agenda

What says Christmas better than an Amazon Rain forest? Ok, so it’s not obviously festive, but it has to be posted. The gifted Moth Collective have produced this lush animation about the importance of the rain forest in all of our lives.


Edd’s World

The explosion of animation all across youtube, the easy access to animation software, has helped to create a generation of punk style young (non graduate) animators. It’s the cartoon equivalent of a garage band bashing out some songs knowing just a few chords. The skill might have been variable at times, but the energy and enthusiasm carry all before them.

Edd’s World totally lives up to that can-do spirit. Created by a group of friends it’s like a lo-fi version of Family Guy. Here’s an xmas-themed episode so you can judge for yourselves!

In Dreams

In Dreams is an animated documentary that visualises peoples dreams.Samuel Blain produced this film for his final graduation piece at Northumbria University. It’s a great idea, well made. Fantastically unsettling and odd, it more than justifies inclusion in our regular Weird Weekend showcases.