Amazonia Security Agenda

What says Christmas better than an Amazon Rain forest? Ok, so it’s not obviously festive, but it has to be posted. The gifted Moth Collective have produced this lush animation about the importance of the rain forest in all of our lives.


The Dog With The Cat Inside

We’re dedicating Thursdays to all our animal friends. Animated antics on creatures great and small.

The Dog With The Cat Inside is an animation by Siri Melchior from Trunk Animation. It has a wonderfully poetic and whimsical quality. The film was made 5 years ago, but the animation hasn’t dated. Take a five minute break to enjoy it.

Carpark by Birdbox

Friday’s are all about the funny. Each week we’ll be selecting animations that have made us chuckle.

First up is this short from Birdbox Studio. They’ve appeared on this blog quite a few times and they’ve created so many gems that we imagine they’ll be returning visitors for some time to come. In this spot a shopping trip goes very awry.