Satoshi Kon – Every Frame A Painting

A bit of an animation/editing masterclass for you! Every Frame A Painting is a brilliant series of video essays by the editor Tony Zhou. They are all worth checking out, but as we have a declared animation perspective – we wanted to show his illuminating film on the late animator and film maker Satoshi Kon.

The Simpsons Hayao Miyazaki tribute

You may already have seen this as it’s been doing the rounds, but it’s so delicious we really can’t resist sharing it. 

As Hayao Miyazaki announced that The Wind Rises would be his final feature, The Simpsons pay tribute to the master filmmaker in this fondly irreverent scene. 

Song Of Oden

We’re throwing the spotlight on some exciting Japanese and Chinese animation today. First up is this delicious first person animated short by Takuya Hosogane. The timing, colours music and intricacy of the animation is stunning. You can almost taste the food!