At The Ends Of The Earth by Konstantin Bronzit

One of the best things about running Cartoon Food are the chance discoveries…like when Pedro Eboli mentioned the Russian animator Konstantin Bronzit. His work is stunning, endlessly inventive and shot through with a mordant Russian humour.

We featured it in Pedro’s 10 Questions below, but we think it’s worth a post of its own, so here’s At The Ends Of The Earth by Konstantin Bronzit:

Waterslide / Toboágua!

Pedro Eboli created and directed this segment for the collective film “Cospe ou Engolervilha”, organized by animatorMarcelo Marão.

We’re as giddy as a kid on a waterslide. It looks ace.


If the rest of the film’s like this we’ll have two tickets for the screening (row four, aisle seats please, we’re very particular).

New Year, New Animation

The beginning of a new year is a time to refocus and look forward to the year ahead. We started this site as a way to collect and share some of the awesome animation out there. Our mantra is ‘All Animation, All the time’. Great animation is our only remit: if it’s animated and it’s great it’s in.

In 2014 we want to continue to show the very best animation on the web, but we also want to go behind the screen and meet the talent who create it. They might be an established animation studio, a new collective of animators, or a talented teenager just discovering animation.

Finally, we don’t want to just be a place where animators talk to animators. We want to share cool stuff with anyone who loves animation as much as we do. This is a party where everyone’s invited.

Talking of parties, take a look at Loopdeloop Dance Party. This great collaborative animation project had 100 contributors in all!

A Christmas Wish by Birdbox

Not sure how we missed this latest offering from Birdbox Studio, but here is a very belated Christmas animation from the studio that brought you WildeBeast and Pub Dog!

We love the colour palette, textures and music. As ever with Birdbox the pay off at the end works a treat!