Try Out Tuesday – “Holidays”

Announcing the second Try Out Tuesday on Cartoon Food TV. After taking on board everyone’s feedback the competition will be open for 1month (not 1 week). Final submissions need to be in by 6th January 2014.

1. The TRY OUT theme is  ‘Holidays’
2. Deadline for Final submissions is 6th January 2014.
3. Duration is 10-30 seconds.
4. Entrants should upload their videos to youtube/vimeo and post their links on this blog’s comment thread or post it directly to our Facebook page (you’ll find the ‘like’ button on our site).

Happy animating!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 07.56.48

LEGO MOVIES – If You Build It They Will Come…

Lego Animators Assemble!

We don’t know about you, but at we’re loving what we’ve seen of the new LEGO movie. Animated largely with real LEGO bricks in stop-motion, albeit enhanced, we suspect, with a large dollop of CGI animation, it’s a screwball adventure featuring all the best loved LEGO toys from 1980’s something spaceman to batman.

It is like a mega-mega-mega-MEGA-budget version of the LEGO fan created movies that have exploded all over youtube. So today, we salute those fans and we celebrate their crazy ambition. Heck, these aspiring auteurs might not have the budget of the LEGO Movie, but that won’t stop them from making their LEGO movies. Their cast maybe small, but there is no limit to their imagination!

…Too much build up for the humble LEGO fan film?

Ladies, gentlemen, master builders, we give you the Spartan War, in LEGO:

lego bug

Drawing Inspiration

In this beautifully paced short film, a homeless man is shaken out of his stupor, when he discovers a mysterious drawing that opens his eyes to the world around him. Produced by Timothy McCourt and Wesley Louis. Development work by Kristian Antonelli.