Waterslide / Toboágua!

Pedro Eboli created and directed this segment for the collective film “Cospe ou Engolervilha”, organized by animatorMarcelo Marão.

We’re as giddy as a kid on a waterslide. It looks ace.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/57810222]

If the rest of the film’s like this we’ll have two tickets for the screening (row four, aisle seats please, we’re very particular).

Edd’s World

The explosion of animation all across youtube, the easy access to animation software, has helped to create a generation of punk style young (non graduate) animators. It’s the cartoon equivalent of a garage band bashing out some songs knowing just a few chords. The skill might have been variable at times, but the energy and enthusiasm carry all before them.

Edd’s World totally lives up to that can-do spirit. Created by a group of friends it’s like a lo-fi version of Family Guy. Here’s an xmas-themed episode so you can judge for yourselves!