Floating in My Mind

Floating in my mind was realised by 3rd year student, Hélène Leroux, of the Character Animation and Animated Film Making programme over at the famous Gobelins school in Paris. Described as ‘a film about our life, the people we meet, the memories we make’ this is a truly touching and gorgeous short film that was a big part of the Gobelins graduation day over the summer.


Today is World Animation Wednesday for us and to get things started feast your eyes on the short film, ‘Wind’. Directed by Robert Löbel as a graduation project from the HAW Hamburg Design Department; this multi-award-winning short tells the story of people coping with the gusty wind which is just part of life in the town they live in.

Song Of Oden

We’re throwing the spotlight on some exciting Japanese and Chinese animation today. First up is this delicious first person animated short by Takuya Hosogane. The timing, colours music and intricacy of the animation is stunning. You can almost taste the food!