We’re excited to announce a new, hopefully, regular feature on Cartoon Food TV. We call it Try Out Tuesdays. Every tuesday we’ll throw out a challenge to  our readers to create an animated short.  Each week we’ll drop a different theme word that the animation should be based on. Everything else is up to you. It could be stop-motion, flash, it just has to be animated.

1. As this is the first ever TRY OUT the theme word has to be ‘Food’
2. Deadline will be next Monday and the winner/s will be revealed next Tuesday.
3. Duration is 10-30 seconds.
4. Entrants should upload their videos to youtube/vimeo and post their links on this blog’s comment thread or post it directly to our Facebook page (you’ll find the ‘like’ button on our site).

For inspiration, check in through out the day, as we’ll be posting some amazing food themed animation!

Happy animating!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 07.56.48

Eskmo: “We Got More”

If Escher had directed Pop videos this brain-twister of an animated promo is what it might have looked like. The brilliant use of repetition, as well as the deliberate breaking of that repetition, plus the jarring mix of surreal and real, never-minding what must have been a lot of meticulous planning, all remind us strongly of Michel Gondry at his very best.


A Friday treat for you!

Ingredients for an adorable animation:

1. A cool samba soundtrack…check.

2. Gorgeous hand-drawn animation…check.

3. The cutest pup ever…check.

They say a dog is man’s best friend, well, this fella takes canine devotion to another level. Have a great weekend.


It’s called Mute, which fits as we really have no words to describe what’s happening! Ok, we have some words, like weird, disturbing and what???!! The film tells the story of a town of people who wake up to find they have no mouths…and it’s at that point that things get seriously strange. Cute animation, light-hearted music and general grossness combine to unsettling effect. Enjoy, or be freaked out, or enjoy and be freaked out.

Icarus and the Tree Herder

Here is another animated short by the talented Ian Worrel. Done in his second year of CalArts, it really showcases his hand-drawn style.

And as proof that hard work does pay off, below is a clip he produced for Disney’s hit series Gravity Falls:


Second Wind

Morning! This enchanting low budget wonder is a one man labour of love. A whimsical, imaginative tale of an old man and a giant cat. Creator Ian Worrell produced it with some old fashioned  a “pencil and paper for the man and cat line animation; colored in photoshop, composited in after effects onto backgrounds constructed in photoshop out of various pieces of media (pen/ink, pencil, paint, photos, etc.)” And if all that wasn’t enough it was produced in his final year at Art school.