Feeling Nuts

This advert is the nuts. It puts its balls on the line and tells it like it is. At Cartoon Food we think it’s the dogs proverbials…[ok, enough. Ed]

In this spot, Studio AKA use the power of humour to send an important message: young men need to regularly check their testicles, balls, gonads [stop sniggering in the back] to beat testicular cancer.


Year after year Ringling College’s Computer Animation Department produce students whose quality of work stands comparison with experienced industry professionals. This graduate film from their class of 2013 is no exception.


Decore Amore

December is almost over and with it Cartoon Food’s first year. We’re looking forward to an exciting 2014. In the meantime, here is our last Christmas themed animation. Bruton Stroude Studios have produced this holiday themed message of love that will warm even the most wooden hearts.

Invade All Humans

Today is Show Us The Funny Fridays on Cartoon Food TV. Check out this sneak peak of a new comedy animation from Nexus. It’s the everyday tale of two deranged robot-toys bent on world domination all set to a techno-rap soundtrack. It’s called Invade All Of The Humans and it looks great.

Try Out Tuesday – “Holidays”

Announcing the second Try Out Tuesday on Cartoon Food TV. After taking on board everyone’s feedback the competition will be open for 1month (not 1 week). Final submissions need to be in by 6th January 2014.

1. The TRY OUT theme is  ‘Holidays’
2. Deadline for Final submissions is 6th January 2014.
3. Duration is 10-30 seconds.
4. Entrants should upload their videos to youtube/vimeo and post their links on this blog’s comment thread or post it directly to our Facebook page (you’ll find the ‘like’ button on our site).

Happy animating!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 07.56.48