Carpark by Birdbox

Friday’s are all about the funny. Each week we’ll be selecting animations that have made us chuckle.

First up is this short from Birdbox Studio. They’ve appeared on this blog quite a few times and they’ve created so many gems that we imagine they’ll be returning visitors for some time to come. In this spot a shopping trip goes very awry.

Song Of Oden

We’re throwing the spotlight on some exciting Japanese and Chinese animation today. First up is this delicious first person animated short by Takuya Hosogane. The timing, colours music and intricacy of the animation is stunning. You can almost taste the food!

Making Of Chipotle’s “Back To The Start”

The original Chipotle commercial pioneered the trend for brands to use groundbreaking animation that we see continuing with the much hyped John Lewis christmas spot. It’s use of stop motion gave it a completely unique tone and look. Watch this fascinating behind the scenes video, as it takes us through the variety of techniques from 3D pre-viz to stop motion via 3D printing, to see meticulous process involved in bringing this beautifully crafted animation to the screen.


We’re excited to announce a new, hopefully, regular feature on Cartoon Food TV. We call it Try Out Tuesdays. Every tuesday we’ll throw out a challenge to  our readers to create an animated short.  Each week we’ll drop a different theme word that the animation should be based on. Everything else is up to you. It could be stop-motion, flash, it just has to be animated.

1. As this is the first ever TRY OUT the theme word has to be ‘Food’
2. Deadline will be next Monday and the winner/s will be revealed next Tuesday.
3. Duration is 10-30 seconds.
4. Entrants should upload their videos to youtube/vimeo and post their links on this blog’s comment thread or post it directly to our Facebook page (you’ll find the ‘like’ button on our site).

For inspiration, check in through out the day, as we’ll be posting some amazing food themed animation!

Happy animating!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 07.56.48

Eskmo: “We Got More”

If Escher had directed Pop videos this brain-twister of an animated promo is what it might have looked like. The brilliant use of repetition, as well as the deliberate breaking of that repetition, plus the jarring mix of surreal and real, never-minding what must have been a lot of meticulous planning, all remind us strongly of Michel Gondry at his very best.