Eskmo: “We Got More”

If Escher had directed Pop videos this brain-twister of an animated promo is what it might have looked like. The brilliant use of repetition, as well as the deliberate breaking of that repetition, plus the jarring mix of surreal and real, never-minding what must have been a lot of meticulous planning, all remind us strongly of Michel Gondry at his very best.


A Friday treat for you!

Ingredients for an adorable animation:

1. A cool samba soundtrack…check.

2. Gorgeous hand-drawn animation…check.

3. The cutest pup ever…check.

They say a dog is man’s best friend, well, this fella takes canine devotion to another level. Have a great weekend.

Drawing Inspiration

In this beautifully paced short film, a homeless man is shaken out of his stupor, when he discovers a mysterious drawing that opens his eyes to the world around him. Produced by Timothy McCourt and Wesley Louis. Development work by Kristian Antonelli.